Innovative DEF Solutions
What are Innovative DEF Solutions? That is an excellent question. We think the personal vehicle owner and small business operator can benefit most from our products especially by providing access to bulk DEF. We think we have a better ideas for a small, but important part of the market for DEF. We also provide make-it-yourself DEF kits for the diesel vehicle owner that travels in rural areas or out of the US and needs to have reserve DEF available without risk of storage issues like high temperatures and leakage.

The current bulk product available at truck stops and some service stations is set up to best serve big 18 wheelers and is far less expensive than packaged retail jugs of DEF. If you own a diesel pickup, diesel powered RV, or diesel powered car, we think you should have access to bulk DEF for your vehicle, and for filling reserve containers of DEF.

Packaged DEF is available at auto parts stores, Car/Truck Dealerships, “Big Box” stores, and other locations is usually priced at least 2 times the per gallon price at the pump. Verifying date codes, age, and leaks are the responsibility of the buyer. The retail jugs are not intended for reuse, and are fragile. These jugs end up in the garbage, or recycle bins.

There is a need for a fully tested, re-usable, re-fillable, robust jug for DEF. We offer the DEFJUG in 1 and 2.7 gallon sizes (2 gallon coming soon). The DEFJUG is vented for ease of use. The DEFJUG is fully ISO22241 (the International Standard for DEF and DEF packaging) compliant and has been extensively tested. You’ll find our DEFJUGs in the storage areas of diesel pusher RVs, in the trunks of diesel passenger cars, and in the storage areas of 18 wheelers that want to extend the DEF range of the truck.

We also offer spouts for vehicle owners that like the convenience of buying retail jugs, but don’t like using a funnel. We make DEFSPOUTs that fit almost all retail jugs AND our DEFJUGS. They work best with vented jugs, but also work with the unvented jugs. They are incredibly flexible and easy to store. We also offer a spout with a built in super-fine mesh filter called the DEFSPOUT with Built in Filter. These provide point-of-use filtration of sediment, and can increase the life of your DEF System Filter.

We offer make-it-yourself DEF in our DEFKITs. Our current offering is prepackaged in a DEFJUG, and makes 1.36 gallons of certified DEF. We’re in the process of upgrading these products to a more economical 7 gallon DEFKIT, which you can already find on eBay. This DEFKIT is intended for vehicles that travel far away from reliable sources of DEF, and who appreciate the convenience of storing DEF in an un-dissolved form.

Our most recent innovation is a magnetic device that allows filling re-usable jugs like our DEFJUG, and your passenger vehicle’s tank with DEF dispensed from the magnet activated nozzle. We call this the DEF Magnevator, and it works for all clean diesels that have the ISO standard filler interface, trucks and RVs that have the larger tank neck, farm equipment, generators, etc. Compare the Magnevator with the OEM device which often costs 3 times as much including delivery.