Two Pack of 38/400 DEFSPOUTs

Save on buying two DEFSPOUTs!

Using a funnel to refill your DEF tank can be difficult and messy. Funnels are also hard to keep clean. We tried most of the spouts on the market, but did not like them because they leak and have loose parts.  So we came up with our own Five Star DEF spout that:

  • Fits most 1 gallon and 2 gallon jugs that have 38/400 necks (almost all retail jugs)
  • Has a swivel spout for ease of use
  • Is incredibly flexible and won’t kink
  • Fits all DEF Tank openings perfectly
  • Much more compact than other spouts
  • Length is 12 inches which works well for most applications.
  • Cleans easily with tap water to eliminate deposits.

We make these ourselves.  All components are made from DEF compatible materials. We leak test and precision clean each DEFSPOUT, and then seal them in a reusable storage bag.

These spouts are NOT vented.  We’ve tested our DEFSPOUTs using 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon unvented retail jugs and they work fine.  The jug will need to be tilted occasionally to allow air to enter the jug and resume dispensing DEF.

Do you need a longer DEFSPOUT? Email us to arrange for a custom length DEFSPOUT