What is Five Star DEF?

Five Star DEF is a family-owned and run business that makes and sells DEF Accessories.  We started out with Make It Yourself DEFKITs which we no longer offer. Our DEF accessories make DEF easier to use, make DEF more economical, and reduce the number of disposable jugs in landfills.  We also run a blog to provide up-to-date knowledge of DEF and provide a collaborative forum for our users.

The company is named for the Five principles that guide our business:

  • Enable DEF Use – Diesel Exhaust Fluid, as part of a Clean Diesel SCR System, makes our environment cleaner and safer. Our accessories such as the Magnevator and DEFSPOUT make DEF easier to use.
  • Make DEF More Affordable – Our DEF Accessories provide access to lower-priced DEF sold at pumps. Our DEF accessories are low-priced and prices include shipping in the USA.
  • Safety – Our products enable safe use of DEF.
  • Environment – Our re-usable DEFJUGs and DEFSPOUTs eliminate throw-away DEF packaging.
  • Purity – Our DEFJUGs have been tested to prove reusability and DEF compatibility while preserving the purity of DEF. All of our DEF accessories are manufactured from DEF purity-compatible materials and are cleaned and bagged to assure cleanliness in use.

Who is Five Star DEF?

Five Star DEF is a small, two employee, family owned business. Erich Weinberg is the President and Kathryn Whiting is the Chief Operating Officer.

Erich Weinberg is a retired Aerospace Engineer with over 23 years experience at Boeing where he designed systems for cruise missiles, air defense, military aircrafts, an Oil and Gas Industry Partnership, and launch vehicles such as Sea Launch. He also has almost 10 years at Blue Origin LLC, where he worked on new suborbital, reusable spacecraft for eventual use in manned space. While at Blue, he was responsible for various mechanical and structural systems that were used on four successful first-flight test vehicles. Erich has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and an M.S. in Systems Engineering and Safety Management. He is a dedicated tinkerer and spends most of his spare time wrenching on old cars, boats, and houses. Erich provides the technical, research, and laboratory skills needed for Five Star DEF.

Kathryn is a retired engineering and manufacturing executive from The Boeing Company where among other things, she managed the Airplane Systems Manufacturing and Quality team for the new 787. Kathryn has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, and an MIT Leaders For Manufacturing double-master’s degree from the Sloan School of Management and the Engineering School. Kathryn has managed small to large organizations that engineer, manufacture, and deliver products, which has given her the experience needed to start up and run our new business, assure product quality, and keep us lean and on schedule.

The rest of our family has four legs, and provide moral support for us humans. They are the official Five Star DEF mascots, and in a small way are responsible for the origination of Five Star DEF. Read our story about the origins of our company on our blog.

In honor of our pets past and present, and as responsible community members, Five Star DEF donates 5% of our profits to animal shelters.
Contact Us

23633 156th Ave SE
Kent WA 98042

(253) 797-7207