Four-legged Family Addition

Jun 4, 2018

It is finally time to update our 'family' post.  We are very sad that our cat, Pete, lost the fight with cancer.  We miss him dearly.  

But, we have since added another dog, Hobo, to our family.  Hobo is a small mix (at least part Chihuahua) that showed up one day at our Arizona home.  He was so skinny and very, very skittish.  He wouldn't come within 50 feet of a human.  But, his desire for food and water was overpowering and once we started to feed him, he stuck around.  It wasn't easy for any of us–it took me at least a month of coaxing to finally 'catch' him so that we could take him to the vet.  Then, there was the 'leash and house' training!  Fortunately, Hobo is a smart dog and has learned fairly quickly.  I imagine the influence of our other two dogs has really helped with his training.  His still very skittish, but he will sniff your hand and MAYBE even allow you to pet him!

Erich and Kathryn are retired engineers with over 65 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and management. They started Five Star DEF to help families like them who travel and use DEF for their trucks and campers.