Five Star DEF Buys Injection Molding Machine for New Items

Apr 6, 2017

Based on demand for DEF Magnevators and our other products, we have purchased and commissioned a brand new Injection Molding Machine. We'll use this machine initially to make a new version of the DEF Magnevator (shown above) that we will sell to retailers including truck stops, auto parts stores, and perhaps vehicle manufacturers.

We purchased our Injection Molder from Medium Machinery LLC. It was very easy to set up and test. Erich made a stand for it, added electrical solenoid valve operation of the air-over hydraulic main injection ram, and other enhancements. We're in the process of adding pressure instrumentation to the main and clamp rams so we can have repeatable results. We're also in the process of procuring tooling for the new version of the Magnevator.

The new version of the DEF Magnevator is already in use by a few "beta testers". These prototypes were made from machined HDPE and use our proven magnet. The users report good results and appreciate the smaller size and ease of use for the new design.

Erich and Kathryn are retired engineers with over 65 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and management. They started Five Star DEF to help families like them who travel and use DEF for their trucks and campers.