Business to Business Sales

Dec 27, 2015

We now offer business to business sales on all of our items.  We’ve had increased interest from customers that operate a business and use our items to improve operability and economy of their Clean Diesel Equipment.  Our 2.7 gallon DEFJUGs are especially useful for dispensing DEF from bulk tanks to equipment that is in the field.  Also, our DEFSPOUTs with Built in Filter can remove harmful sediment from DEF introduced during use of small bulk DEF tanks and barrels that can otherwise reduce the life of vehicle-mounted filtration equipment. We offer quantity discounts on business to business sales, and a convenient invoicing system.  If you are a business customer, and need Innovative DEF Solutions for your business, please contact us at regarding quantity pricing and sales terms. We’ll be pleased to provide all the information you require to set up Five Star DEF as an approved vendor at you company.

Erich and Kathryn are retired engineers with over 65 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and management. They started Five Star DEF to help families like them who travel and use DEF for their trucks and campers.