Making Magnevators

Feb 17, 2015

Some of our customers have asked us “Do you really make the Magnevator”?

The answer is YES. Kathryn and I make every Magnevator.

We make the Magnevator from:

1. A standard polypropylene cap with a bonded-in polyethylene liner.

2. Extruded Nylon tube manufactured to specification ASTM D6779.

3. A ceramic magnet called a “ferrite”.

4. Adhesive.

5. A poly Ziploc Bag.

6. A heavy duty corrugated cardboard box.

Here are some pictures taken while we made the last batch of Magnevators:

These are the caps we use. All materials are compatible with DEF.


We developed some special tools to bore a very accurate hole through the cap and bonded-in liner without making a mess of the cap in the process. Here is what they look like with the holes in them:


We buy the nylon tube from a distributor of bulk plastic materials. The nylon we use is very strong, heat resistant, and compatible with many chemicals, including DEF. We cut the tube to length (using a chop saw that has been modified to turn at a lower speed)  and remove rough edges.  Here is our setup for cutting the tube to length and what they look like after cutting:


These are our magnets, cleaned for bonding to the cap and tube, and set up in the proper field direction for proper operation of the magnetic DEF nozzle.


Next, we heat form one end of the nylon tube using special tooling we have developed to reduce the diameter and form a corrugated shape. This makes the end of the tube fit at the “step” in the nozzle and assures proper alignment of the magnet to the nozzle operating mechanism. We then press fit the magnet on the tube, and adhesively bond the magnet/tube to the cap using a DEF compatible adhesive specially made for plastics.  Here is what the assembly looks like:


Cleanliness is critical for all equipment than comes in contact with DEF. So we clean the Magnevators to remove contaminants using our DEF-service certified process. We dry the Magnevators with a 15 minute HEPA filtered air purge:


Each Magnevator is then tested on our magnet-activated DEF nozzle to make sure it works. We use air pressure to verify that the pilot valve that enables DEF to flow is opened by the Magnevator.


Finally, we package each Magnevator in a poly Ziploc bag, and then in a corrugated cardboard box. We include detailed safety information about magnets that are important to understand before using the Magnevator. Powerful magnets like the one used in the Magnevator are completely safe when used properly.


Our most recent batch, ready for shipment:


Is the Magnevator “Made in USA”?  Using the Federal Trade Commission’s definition of “Unqualified Made in USA Claims” , the answer is YES. Over 98% of the Magnevator cost, including assembly, is of US origin.

Have any questions about the Five Star DEF Magnevator?  Don’t hesitate to ask.


Erich and Kathryn are retired engineers with over 65 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and management. They started Five Star DEF to help families like them who travel and use DEF for their trucks and campers.