1 Gallon Reusable DEFJUG with DEFSPOUT

Do you need a 1 gallon* Diesel Exhaust Fluid Jug WITH a flexible spout that you can fill at a Service Station or Truck Stop and safely carry on your vehicle? Why pay over $5 per gallon in throwaway 1 gallon jugs when you can purchase fresh DEF at the pump for under $3 per gallon and store it for reserve use in a 1 gallon* DEFJUG.  

Here is what you receive:

– A 1 gallon* reusable DEFJUG with a unique vent tube for fast pouring, a cap, and required labels.  

– A convenient Flexible DEFSPOUT with a storage bag.

Please see the photographs for further detail.

Features of Our Product:

  • DEFSPOUT fits your vehicles DEF fill receptacle perfectly.
  • DEFSPOUT includes a storage bag for reuse.
  • DEFSPOUT swivels at Cap for ease of use
  • The 1 Gallon* DEFJUG is vented for quick dispensing in less than 30 seconds.
  • The 1 Gallon* DEFJUG has a convenient Handle for easy dispensing.
  • All items are precision cleaned and are all High Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene for DEF Purity.

DEFJUG can pay for itself in 3 uses compared with typical throw-away container prices AND includes a Flexible Spout.Unlike jugs used for 1 gallon retail DEF packaging, The DEFJUG has been Contamination Tested to assure DEF Purity and Drop Tested to assure ruggedness and resistance to spills.

*Nominal Capacity when used as directed